Charles Sanchez
Finding Sobriety

I Never Felt I Was Enough

After Charles Sanchez moved to New York City to pursue acting, he hid the extent of his drinking from everyone even as he built a trusting relationship with his therapist, Matt. But after Matt found him passed out on the street, Charles faced the truth and found sobriety. Today, he no longer says his HIV status was a direct result of his drinking: Neither his HIV status nor his alcoholism is his fault, he explains, but they're his responsibility. In discussion with Tyne Firmin, with whom he co-produces the musical comedy web series Merce, he explains how he came to embrace life as an HIV activist and thrive as the artist he always wanted to be.
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My Responsibility, Not My Fault

Charles treats his alcoholism and his HIV on a daily basis and says he can live his life just like anyone else.

Turning Points