Pedro Santiago
Finding a Support System

Nowhere to Turn

Pedro Santiago was 19 years old and living in Philadelphia when he became homeless. He told his sister that he was HIV positive; she said he could no longer stay in her home. Terrified, he wasn’t sure where to turn. His health began to suffer when he stopped taking his HIV medications, and he found himself losing the will to live.

Pedro found a home at Covenant House. Then he found Philadelphia FIGHT, an HIV organization, where he took the Youth TEACH course to learn more about living with HIV.

Today, Pedro is healthy with an undetectable HIV viral load. His HIV-negative partner also uses PrEP – a once-a-day pill — which prevents HIV infection. Pedro recently sat down with Caitlin Conyngham, a program director at FIGHT, to talk about his journey.

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More Than Just Meds

Finding a support system led to more positive outcomes than Pedro could have imagined.

Turning Points