"I'm Not Brave"
Chapter 2
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Aaron wanted people to see his highs and his lows, hoping that would help them gain control of their own lives.

Aaron Meets Philip

Not long after he was diagnosed with HIV, Aaron went out to a bar with friends to celebrate his birthday. That night, he met Philip Gill, who was tending bar. They hit it off.

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The Presence of HIV

Aaron and Philip are what's known as a "magnetic couple" -- one HIV positive and one negative -- but say that doesn't define their relationship.

Preventive Measures

The use of HIV medication to prevent transmission has the potential to change many lives. It also has raised the hope of ending the HIV epidemic.

There is little to no chance of HIV transmission if people with HIV are receiving effective treatment. Also, people who are HIV negative can take medication to reduce their risk of contracting HIV.

An Activist Is Born

Aaron had always been outspoken about living with HIV. So he quickly found his voice as an activist.

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Out Loud With His Life

Aaron embraced the role of "HIV influencer."

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